Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric is a special type of fabric that dates to the Middle Ages. It is known for its’ luxurious look and feel and is a popular choice for interior soft furnishings such as drapery. 

We have a number of leading Velvet and velvet look collections from our library of textile brands such as Warwick. To explore our full range, book an appointment with Angie, our Interior Specialist. Angie can discuss how we can help you achieve your desired interior look using velvet fabric. 

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frequently asked questions

The element that distinguishes velvet from all other fabrics is their pile, the soft surface that caresses your hands as soon as you touch it. Velvet can be made from either natural or synthetic fibres, and depending on which fibre is chosen to make the pile, will determine the brightness and softness of the fabric. Once velvet has been woven and attached to the base fabric, it can be dyed in a variety of different colours – this is exactly why velvet is such an interesting material for crafts, since there are so many rich colours to choose from.

There are countless projects you could use velvet for – this includes accessories, cushion covers, headboards, Christmas stockings, and most other crafting projects you can think of. Therefore, the only limit with velvet is imagination. Velvet is soft to the touch and visually attractive to the eye. If you are trying to achieve a luxurious feel to your interior, velvet is a great way to embrace this look. 

Unlike other fabrics, velvet is a material with no raised weaves or loose threads. This means it is highly durable, and because of this, it makes an ideal fabric choice for homes with pets, as any dirt or pet hairs should fall away from the fabric effortlessly, and you will not risk your soft furnishings being damaged easily.

Velvet can be cleaned, but it requires a different cleaning method than most fabrics out there. To clean velvet, it is best to remove any rough stains or particles with a soft-bristled hair brush first – this will make it easier to get your material spotless later. Once you have cleaned your fabric with the brush, add some warm water and a few drops of a mild detergent to bottle or a bowl, then, apply the a small amount of the soapy water with a cloth on the stain. Do not rub the material, gently dab until the stain is completely removed from the material.