Recycled Fabric

Omokoroa Interiors feels strongly about moving towards a more sustainable future, and one of our many initiatives is offering our customers environmental luxury in the form of Recycled Fabric. By choosing recycled fabric you get your desired interior look, with the benefit of a smaller environmental footprint.

We stock a number of leading Recycled collections from our library of textile brands such as Rejuvenate by Maurice Kain. To explore our full range, book an appointment with Angie, our Interior Specialist. From here Angie can discuss how we can help you achieve your desired interior look using Recycled fabric. 

Angies favourite collections

frequently asked questions

Recycled Polyester lowers the demand for new petroleum-based products, thus reducing our carbon footprint significantly. When you choose Recycled Polyester, you help in minimising the amount of macro and micro plastics that end up in our oceans.

For example, on average, a regular sized window can prevent 400 plastic bottles from entering landfill!

Recycled Polyester is considered just as durable as regular Polyester, therefore you get all of the technical attributes one may love about using Polyester in their soft-furnishings, without the carbon footprint. Curtains made out of recycled content will not degrade.

Recycled Polyester is incredibly soft! You wont believe it is derived from a combination of micro and macro plastics. 

Polyester fabric requires no additional upkeep and more often than not, only needs to be spot cleaned when necessary. However, if you do decide to wash your Polyester fabric, you can feel confident in knowing that you wont be washing and nasty micro plastics back into our water systems. 

Recycled Polyester forms and drapes just as regular Polyester would. Many people think, when you chose recycled, you have to sacrifice on look and style, however this is not the case! The innovation and production process has come so far that it is almost impossible to tell the difference, meaning you can definitely achieve the interior look and aesthetic you want by choosing a more sustainable product.