A Guide to Different Fabrics

a guide to different fabrics

We don’t need to repeat to you how much we love fabrics, that’s pretty obvious by now isn’t it? If you missed the last post, “Identifying your design style’ you can read it here, which includes lots of basic advice about how to identify your preferred interior aesthetic. In this next post, we’re delving further into the most common fabrics and talking about their different properties… a guide to different fabrics. These, after all, are what creates the differences in fall, drape, and your actual ability to make different things out of them for upholstery purposes. Need I remind you that fabric can make or break your project? 

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We’ve created a cheat sheet for you for when you next do a fabric shopping trip – all you have to do is refer to the guide to decide which fabric is right for what you had in mind. Feel free to download “A Guide to Different Fabrics” infographic and pin it on your inspiration and mood boards!

a guide to different fabrics
"A Guide to Different Fabrics" Infographic by Omokoroa Interiors


Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow air and moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material.

Comfort is how the fabric feels in your hand. This is based on both the texture, thickness and surface of the fabric itself.

Wrinkle Resistant is related to whether the fabric easily wrinkles therefore giving you an indication of how much care is required.

Function relates to the fabric and how it interacts with your window or upholstery piece. When choosing a fabric, make sure to choose one that reflects how you want to showcase or use it – when choosing summer fabrics go for cooling ones and when choosing winter fabrics make sure they are warming.

Machine Wash relates to whether a fabric can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. If it cannot be machine washed, you can assume it either needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned. This will also give you an indication of its maintenance needs. 

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