Types of Lining

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There are many types of lining fabrics on he market, and it can very seem very overwhelming to try and choose one for your curtains when you are not fully aware of all the individual features and benefits. Linings fall into three main categories, let’s take a look…

Natural Coloured

These linings are the most commonly used. They provide a neutral colour that faces the window and will be seen from the outside when the curtains are closed. These linings can be used with any curtain face fabric and add weight and fullness to the look of your curtain drapery.Neutral coloured linings are available in both both coated and uncoated options.

Block Out Coated

Blockout coated linings have coating layers applied to the back of the fabric to provide superior thermal, light and noise insulation. They will blokc over 99% of sunlight when curtains are closed and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging carpet an furniture along with drapes.


Uncoated linings are lighter in weight and will therefore hang softer waves. They still allow a small amount of ambient light to come through when the curtains are closed. Uncoated linings have the added benefit of being machine washable, provided that the face curtain fabric is also washable.

Coloured Lining

There is an increased demand for the use of coloured lining. A fashion forward trend in window furnishings is to use colour-matching lining layered behind a sheer front curtain to provide an interesting extra element and offer privacy at night.

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